Networking Manager - APAC

Singapore, Singapore


We are on an unrelenting mission to help biopharmaceutical businesses globally generate tangible growth. IMAPAC is a young social enterprise that conceptualizes, organizes and manages some of the industry’s most recognized international conferences with a social cause; the conferences always address a topic which will drive businesses and industries forward and create a positive social impact to the society and people. It is our aim to ensure the biopharma space is constantly evolving with our efforts. If you would like to be part of this, IMAPAC is just for you! 

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What is it really like to work with IMAPAC?

Collaborative Team 

IMAPAC isn't a faceless corporate, we're a close-knit team that works hard and plays even harder together!


Our passion is to bring IMAPAC to greater heights and the company is going places. 


There is definitely an enormous amount of guidance and support you can receive from our talented team in APAC AND United Kingdom.

Everyone is Heard

There's no old-school hierarchy, everyone's voice is heard.

Networking Manager 

​About the role as Networking Manager

As a Networking Manager, you'll be the conductor of this networking symphony. Your mission? To curate an exceptional attendee experience before, during, and after our events, ensuring both quality and quantity. Plus, you'll be the maestro behind those targeted 1:1 networking meetings that bring our sponsors and attendees together seamlessly. 

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What you can offer us?

    • Delve into market research and prospecting like a pro. 
    • Snag leads like they're golden tickets to a biopharmaceutical wonderland. 
    • Organize and dazzle in client meetings, making the impossible happen. 
    • Summon and manage VIPs for your projects with the finesse of a magician. 
    • Ensure our VIPs grace us with their presence at our events. 
    • Dive into onsite/virtual networking activities like a true socialite. 
    • Offer real-time updates and progress reports that leave everyone in awe. 
    • Conquer the CRM realm with your management prowess. 
    • Collaborate seamlessly with our marketing team to maintain our database. 
    • Assist in maintaining CRM-Google Sheet syncs and testing workflows. 
    • Coordinate with CRM consultants to vanquish bugs and errors. 
    • Provide world-class customer service, making every delegate and sponsor feel like royalty. 
    • Set up one-on-one meetings with the finesse of a matchmaker. 
    • Answer external and internal inquiries with grace and efficiency. 
    • The Magic Ingredients for Success 

What do you need to succeed in the role?

    • A year of relevant experience or a fresh perspective that dazzles us. 
    • A knack for navigating marketing CRM systems. 
    • Communication skills that could convince a unicorn to dance. 
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel. 
    • The determination to see a project through to the stars. 
    • A customer/market-focused mindset. 
    • Initiative that rivals superhero levels of proactiveness. 
    • Dependability – we're counting on you to keep promises. 
    • The ability to stay cool under pressure and adapt to the changing tides of the market. 
    • A thirst for knowledge – you love learning, unlearning, and relearning. 
    • A belief in creating opportunities for yourself. 

Great to Have

  • If you have B2B experience for about 1 to 2 years at least, if not it is still okay
  • Life science background 

What You Will Gain

    • Backstage pass to the inner workings of the fast-growing biopharma conference industry. 
    • Exciting travel opportunities to attend in-person conferences around the world. 
    • The chance to mingle with a diverse cast of characters from every corner of the globe. 
    • Access to connect with industry C-Level heavyweights. 
    • Supercharged confidence and communication skills. 

Why Join Us?

  • A positive work culture with colleagues is never a dull day at IMAPAC 
  • Constantly creating a meaningful opportunity for industry partners to network in the biopharma space
  • Competitive remuneration, your efforts are recognized 
  • Opportunity to travel as and when required